To the Empire!

It only seems fitting that I (Jess) should make the inaugural post. This is my dream, after all. And here, in The Archive, you’ll be hearing from the people who have made that dream a reality.

When I initially conceived of this idea, I started by approaching narrators I had worked with in the past, gently inquiring of their interest in joining my ranks. To my surprise and relief, every one of them said yes. Before I knew it, word was spreading beyond my control. I was being contacted by narrators, engineers, and listeners, all expressing excitement over the idea of this new empire I was creating. I still have to pinch myself sometimes when reflecting on how quickly and enthusiastically things came together. It is certainly a testament to how warm, accepting, and supportive I’ve found this industry community to be.

But don’t let me give the impression that building an empire is easy! It certainly isn’t. I’m laying each brick by hand, then checking it’s sturdiness before laying the next. It can be a tedious process, but I’m joined by a mighty Talent Legion and have an Enchantress at my side. What we build together is meant to last.


Jess Herring is the founder of Audiobook Empire. Jess has been a constant presence in the audiobook community since 2016, also running The Audiobookworm and Audiobookworm Promotions. The only thing that surpasses her love of audiobook listening is the passion and zeal with which she produces them.