Slip Runner: Thick as Thieves

Slip Runner, Book 0

  • ■ Written by: J.N. Chaney, M.F. Lerma
  • ■ Narrated by: Neill Thorne
  • ■ Series: Slip Runner, Book 0

Cole Riker is losing credits faster than he can pay back his debts.

Thanks to shifty clerks lowballing the alien salvage he brings in, Cole is barely making enough to cover expenses. If he ever wants to fulfill the terms of his parole and become a free man, he'll have to do something that goes against his personal creed - hire a crew member. One who knows how to get the most out of his hauls.

When an old acquaintance sees the job posting, they call in a favor that Cole can't refuse.

Sometimes, a man's word is all he has. On the surface, the favor is simple: hold on to a bag for twelve hours.

A bag with unknown and likely very illegal contents. What in the galaxy could go wrong?

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