The Imperial Process

Why choose the Empire?

• We simplify the audiobook production process for you. From casting, all the way to marketing, we'll break down your options, weigh the pros and cons, and help you make the best decisions for your project.

• Audiobook production can be stress-free. It doesn't have to be an overwhelming or time-consuming endeavor.

• You're just one person, but we are many. Audiobook Empire has contacts in every corner of the audiobook industry.

Our reach extends beyond the audiobook world. We work with author coaches, book editors, cover designers, and marketing specialists to ensure that your final product is the best it can be.

• Quality is the ultimate goal. You wouldn't want your name attached to a less-than-stellar audiobook and neither would we. We're in this together.

• Handholding is our specialty. Whether this is your first audiobook or one hundredth, we'll walk every step of this path with you.

• Your input matters to us. This is your project. We know the audiobook industry, but you know your story. Let's team up to bring it to life.

• We work hard to make these services affordable. Making a great audiobook shouldn't break the bank. Whatever your budget is, we can work with you.

Audiobook Empire isn't just a production house, it's a powerhouse!



Step 1: Casting

  • • Our Talent Legion boasts nearly 300 narrators, many of them award-winning.
  • • We present the best 4-6 voices for your project, based on your parameters.
  • • We can put out a casting call and receive auditions using your text.
  • • You can select your own narrator from our Talent Legion.
  • • You can bring in a narrator from outside the Empire.

Step 3: Engineering

  • • We send the raw files from the narrator to our post-production team for editing.
  • • We arrange any necessary revisions with the narrator.
  • • We make sure all files meet retail standards.
  • • We add internal meta-data to the files so that essential audiobook information displays while listening.

Step 5: Distribution

  • • We assist you in deciding on the best distribution method for your title.
  • • We explain the pros and cons of each method and retailer, including impact on royalties.
  • •  We facilitate the distribution process and update you on the progress.
  • •  We send any available promo codes to you with instructions.

Step 2: Recording

  • •  We have an in-depth conversation with you covering your vision for the narration.
  • •  We discuss details like name pronunciation, word pronunciation, character voices and other important intangibles.
  • •  We communicate all of this to your narrator.
  • •  We keep you updated on the recording process and estimated finish time.

Step 4: Proofing

  • •  All files are professionally proofed for quality assurance.
  • • For quality purposes, we prefer to hire independent proofers.
  • • In most cases, this is more economical and saves time during distribution.
  • • You are given the opportunity to provide additional proofing, within a certain timeframe.

Step 5: Promotion

  • • We provide you with several options for promotional assistance, including discounted services from our promotional partners.
  • • We help coordinate promotional campaigns for your title.
  • •  We use promotional codes to secure reviews before, during, and after launch.
  • •  All titles we produce are promoted in our newsletter and on our social media platforms.

Need to know more?

Request an audience with our Empress. She'll be happy to answer questions and provide you with an official estimate.

Ready to get started?

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