War Child

Lincoln James Legacy, Book 1

  • ■ Written by: Kevin Karella
  • ■ Narrated by: Amanda Stribling
  • ■ Length: 10 hrs and 17 mins


Murder, Romance, Weddings and War

Lincoln James Legacy: War Child is the long-awaited sequel to Olivia's Hope, released in 2018. War Child is not so much about war itself; in fact, there is very little actual war within the book. It is about surviving after the war—even years and decades later. It's about good soldiers and innocent civilians, especially children recovering from the unseen wounds and deep scars left behind after witnessing the brutality of war—the insults of your mind and heart, seen and experienced, especially from the perspective of an innocent little girl.

It’s about wolves and sheep and the quiet, unassuming sheepdogs of the world that try to keep the wolves at bay.

It's about love and joy and the kind of friendship that we all dream about and desperately desire. It's about loss and grief that no one is immune to. Some of us bear more of that burden than others. It’s about tradition and honoring those who have gone before you. It's about being completely content in your misery. Then, life comes along and drags you kicking and screaming back into the sunshine. When the wonderful light first hits your eyes, you blink a couple of times because you aren't used to it. Then you smile and suddenly wonder, "Why did I wait so long?

Seth and Jenny ride the roller coaster of uncertainty and joy between having the twins, discovering their babies were already named, and finally, finding out who the real mothers are.

Long ago, on a snatch-and-grab mission, Link and his elite Dagger unit stumbled across a starving, ragged little girl. Now, years later and living in America, Celia still can't shake the nightmares of the war. Empty and broken inside, she trusts no one.

Then, along comes Jesse, Link’s son. He is different from anyone Celia has ever met; infuriating yet…interesting. Does she know that Jesse is the son of the man who saved her? When Jesse gets arrested for murder, can she ever trust him?

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