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A VIP placement will make sure your audiobook is front and center on the Audiobook Empire website. It will also be given prioritized placement when being presented for reviewer consideration.

If selected by a reviewer, the review will be included in the featured posting, not just under the Reviews tab. If not selected for review, the title will be advertised on the homepage as a Featured Audiobook.

If the review is below 3.5 stars, you will have the opportunity to approve it before posting. If it does not meet your approval, the review will be posted under the Reviews tab, but not featured in the VIP post.

A single VIP placement is $35. $50 for series. Please note that this fee has nothing to do with the content of the review and everything to do with the running and upkeep of Audiobook Empire.

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A pre-release review can get folks buzzing about your upcoming audiobook release and drive pre-orders before your audio has even hit the "shelf".

When one review is not enough, open your review opportunity up to the citizens of the Empire! We'll distribute your title to reviewers, then promote the reviews!