Vigilantes and Lovers

Written by Charles Dougherty ⎮ Narrated by David Bosco

Author: Charles Dougherty
Narrator: David Bosco
Length: 6 hours and 9 minutes
Series: J.R. Finn Sailing Mystery Series, Book 3
Publisher: Charles Dougherty
Released: Aug. 29, 2019
Genre: Mystery

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Intrigue and romance in the Caribbean.

When Finn's boss assumes the role of femme fatale, it ends badly for her. It's never a good idea to seduce your employee, but when his girlfriend is a cold-blooded killer, it's downright foolhardy.

Finn and his coworker Aaron Sanchez uncover a conspiracy to disrupt the U.S. political system. Finn's lady friend Mary Beth O'Brien has stolen files that name the conspirators. A coverup ensues. The agency they work for fires Sanchez and issues a warrant for Finn's execution, but Sanchez lands on his feet, and Finn's hard to kill.

Sail along with Finn and Mary as they work their way through a more than normally complicated courtship. Listen to Vigilantes and Lovers today.

This audiobook was provided by its narrator, David Bosco, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, David!

Laura's Review

4 Stars

Vigilantes and Lovers is the third book in the J.R. Finn Sailing Mystery series. This is not a standalone book, in that it wraps up many of the issues raised by the first (Assassins and Liars) and second (Avengers and Rogues) books in the series and sets up the next book in the series. Although the author kindly provided a quick summary of events which had occurred during the first two books at the beginning of book three, this is not the book to start this series as you will not really understand all the complicated relationships and the long sections of exposition.

Vigilantes and Lovers starts with Finn deciding to gain answers about Mary and of course, determine whether his current employer is trustworthy given the ending of book two. I was excited that, as readers, we were finally going to learn who we could trust and gain insight into Finn's world. And you do, just not in the way I had thought when compared with the first two books.

The first two books had a lot of action and breathtaking moments with a twist around every corner. Given the ending of book two, I thought Vigilantes and Lovers was going to be another action-packed twister. However, this book was much quieter with a lot of investigating, phone conversations, and emails. Finn also spends a fair amount of time on introspection. Given their adversaries, I felt that the chess match between them was a bit simple and the wrap up a bit quick. For this series to be able to move forward in a different direction, this amount of exposition was necessary to wrap things up and move the characters on to new adventures. I did like the book, but I missed some of the tension and cleverness from the first two books. Overall, these characters, Mary and Finn, are interesting and compelling and I am looking forward to their continuing adventures.

The narration of this series by David Bosco is excellent. The different audio techniques to convey phone conversations or Finn's inner thoughts were very effective.

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