Trouble On Main Street

Sugar Mountain #1

  • â–  Written by: Kirsten Fullmer
  • â–  Narrated by: Barbara Henslee
  • â–  Series: Sugar Mountain, Book 1
  • â–  Length: 6 hrs and 51 mins

A cozy mountain town, a sweet romance, and a secret society of sneaky women.

The sleepy hamlet of Sugar Mountain harbors a secret society of women. Don’t misunderstand—the society itself is not secret—it’s the true nature of the group that is hush-hush.

Sugar Mountain is the kind of charming village that tourists adore. If you like small-town charm, quirky shops, and local art, this is the place for you. But when a blood-smeared package shows up at the post office and it appears to be linked to a scheme that threatens Heidi Collinsworth’s historic home, the town takes on a sinister vibe. Heidi would lay odds that slimy Mayor Winslow is involved, but even with the enquiring skills of The Sugar Mountain Ladies Historical Society at work, proof is scarce.

With conflicting theories abound and tensions running high, it’s up to the ladies of the society to don disguises and go undercover. If they’re not careful, the town may fall to a wrecking ball, Heidi may fall for Adam, the new guy in town, and the secret society will be exposed.

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