Slip Runner

Slip Runner, Book 1

  • ■ Written by: J.N. Chaney, M.F. Lerma
  • ■ Narrated by: Neill Thorne
  • ■ Series: Slip Runner, Book 1
  • ■ Length: 8 hrs and 18 mins
  • ■ Published: Oct. 30, 2022

USA Today best-selling author J.N. Chaney and M.F. Lerma bring you a brand-new series. If you're a fan of traditional heroes and old school sci-fi, this is the story for you.

Cole Riker is a Slip Runner.

A contractor tasked with finding alien salvage in exchange for credits. For an ex-smuggler like Cole, there’s a catch: Don’t break the terms of parole. That means doing things by the book.

Find salvage, turn it in, get paid.

But everything changes when a retrieval mission lands him in a previously unknown sector. There, he finds the material he’s been sent to recover, along with something more....

A brand-new form of ancient alien life.

Such a thing could change the entire Alliance, the Galaxy, and everything between, but most of all, it could change Cole's life for the better.

A shift in humanity’s future is at hand, and Cole is the one holding the key. He just has to survive long enough to use it.

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