Will Fain, U.S. Marshal

Written by R. O. Lane ⎮ Narrated by A. T. Chandler

Author: R. O. Lane
Narrator: A. T. Chandler
Length: 5 hours and 26 minutes
Series: Will Fain, U.S. Marshal Series, Book 4
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Released: Jan. 28, 2020
Genre: Western

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This is the fourth volume featuring Will Fain, a dedicated US Marshal in Texas who is asked by a federal judge in San Antonio to find Dick Muller, who murdered two Deputy US Marshals. Muller, also called Pie-Eyed Dick, escaped into Mexico originally but is now working on a ranch in El Paso. Fain goes to El Paso, but Muller escapes once again into Mexico. Fain takes off his badge and goes into Mexico as a bounty hunter. He finds Muller, but before he can get back over the border, he is captured by Mexican Rurales and condemned to death. Fain faces a firing squad before his deputies, Isum Wood and Del Cole, come to the rescue.

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Sophia's Review

4.5 Stars

Just when I thought Will's life couldn't get any more exciting, he has to pursue a killer into Mexico and land himself in Mexican jail awaiting an appointment for his death. Tall, strong and rugged hero, western history with an authentic flavor, and an exciting adventure plot in each new installment all told by a narrator who's a perfect fit for the series keeps me coming back for more.

This fourth installment in the Will Fain series was as non-stop action-packed as the ones before it. There are exciting gun battles that are detailed out so the reader/listener can smell the gunpowder or feel the punch. Its never easy and the cost can be high for Will and his deputies which adds a level of emotion and suspense to it all. My heart was in my throat so many times listening to this one.

There isn't much down time between action sequences, but times of introspection are there and developed well. Character development does not suffer just because these are fast moving stories that leap from one case or adventure to another. The author gives his tough fighting marshal, Will, and his deputies, Isum, Del, and to a lesser extent, Alpha thoughts, dreams, and home lives so they are more than cardboard figures.

Will and his wife have a beautiful relationship and it has grown from the first book. Virginia is a charming, generous lady, but she is also a tough, intelligent frontier woman who is partner to Will. She exhibits quiet strength in sending him off on deadly assignments and then keeps things running on the ranch and with their growing family. It's neat seeing him consult her and share with her and she, with him.

The historical backdrop and Texas/Mexico setting provided shows the author did meticulous research and deftly adds it into each scene so the reader/listener absorbs it right along with the story. The story runs through my mind like a movie. It's fun when there are moments in the story where true events are noted or the author slips in real life characters.

As to the narrator, A.T. Chandler continues to narrate this high-quality production series. His deep, rich, and rustic voice with its western flavor is an ideal match for the stories. Each character no matter accent or social strata is distinct and he handles women's and children's voice superbly. I like that his voice fluctuates with mood and pace, but there is no distraction from over acting. I hope to get more of his work.

All in all, it was another fabulous entry in the series. This felt like it wrapped things up, but I know for a fact that there are more so I will eagerly await the next release on audio. Those who enjoy old-style westerns or frontier stories should definitely give this series a go.

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