Written by Sherry Foster ⎮ Narrated by Jacq Ainsworth

Author: Sherry Foster
Narrator: Jacq Ainsworth
Series: Safe Haven Wolves, Book 1
Length: 5 hours and 42 minutes
Publisher: DAS Publishing
Released: Sep. 11, 2019
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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She’s on the run.

She’s being hunted.

If only she knew why.

Trey’s only goal is to protect his pack. When a young shifter female moves into his territory, it raises a million questions. Who is she? Doesn’t she know how dangerous it is to travel alone and unprotected? Where did she come from, and what kind of danger did she bring with her?

Time is running out as Gabby’s first transformation nears. Trey must walk a knife edge between protecting her from harm and convincing her of what she is.

He also has to convince her she isn’t going crazy so she will give his pack a chance, and maybe give him a chance. After all, shifter females are scarce. They have to be protected at all costs.

Failure is not an option.

But will the rabbit hole she's tumbling down prove too much for her to handle?

Grab your copy today and find out.

This audiobook was provided by its author, Sherry Foster, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Sherry!

Becky's Review

4 Stars

Gabby serves a dual purpose. On the one hand, it is its own story of fated mates, but on the other it is an introduction into the world of Sherry Foster’s Safe Haven Wolves. This is a world where wolf shifters are very much a secret, and females are scarce. The premise for this series is quite intriguing. Sherry Foster took a romance trope that has been done and done again and made it into something refreshing and new. Along with that comes a fair amount of world-building, and I appreciated that the building is done organically throughout this first book in the series. There were no long-suffering information dumps to contend with, and the natural flow of things made it easier to absorb the rules for Foster’s world of wolf shifters.

The characters are very well done. It’s somewhat of a coming of age story for Gabby and Trey. She’s on the run from and enemy she doesn’t know, and he’s trying to be a good alpha despite his lack of training. Sherry Foster gives us the many emotions this pair experiences by way of Jacq Ainsworth, who does a superb job of projecting those feelings in her performance. Both Gabby and Trey are likable and relatable, but I have to say that my favorite character had to be Stormy. She is an absolute hoot, and I found myself laughing more often than not any time she showed up. There are several secondary characters to get to know, and Jacq Ainsworth does a good job of keeping their voices distinct. I did notice a few discrepancies in voice, sometimes in the same sections of dialogue, but it wasn’t so much as to distract from the story.

The plot of Gabby is a bit convoluted, or it seems that way, but I felt like part of that was intentional to keep some of the story’s secrets until the right time. We do get a satisfying conclusion, at least for this couple, so there are no jaw-dropping cliffys for those who don’t appreciate them. That said, there are unanswered questions in what appears to be a continuing story arc for the series. That’s where the suspense and danger come in. This first in the Safe Haven Wolves doesn’t have much in the way of on page action, but it does give us a steadily building tension and overall feel of mystery as Trey and company search for answers about Gabby’s pursuers.

Narration Review

Our narrator, Jacq Ainsworth, does a fantastic job overall. Other than the few discrepancies already mentioned, she manages to give distinctive voices to several characters along with many emotions those characters experienced. Ainsworth’s performance is coupled with some excellent sound quality, which was greatly appreciated. It’s a completely smooth listen from start to finish.

All in all, Gabby is a well done, entertaining story, and a solid start for a promising series.

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