Bricked In

Written by Max Wannow ⎮ Narrated by Max Wannow

Author: Max Wannow
Narrator: Max Wannow
Length: 5 hours and 40 minutes
Publisher: Maxwell Wannow
Released: Jul. 25, 2018
Genre: Science Fiction

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Bricked In is a disgusting glimmer of self-recognition.

For many, happiness is found in freedom. After winning the lottery, a former gypsy becomes the queen of a dystopia. Newlyweds Bethany and Neil join this isolated society, which is devoid of common American laws. With no holds barred, experimental science takes place.

Neoba is a brick building with a population of 10,000. Within the walls is chaos and weirdness. Social norms is a foreign concept in Neoba, as freedom is held at the highest regard. This includes freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and freedom of science. The only laws at Neoba are to respect royalty, the leaders of this wild, cult-like society.

The story follows the lives of Neoba's royalty, a newlywed couple new to the society, and the scientists within Neoba who are free to create without the limitations of morality.

This audiobook was provided by its narrator, Max Wannow, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Max!

Willow's Review

4.5 Stars

Warning: This book contains many sex scenes, violence, and grossly vivid scenes of cannibalism!

Bricked In revolved around a mother and daughter team that lacked a husband and father figure. For years, they spent their lives living traveling around the country and living in their car, with Connie (mom) engrossed in Crystal Meth usage. With a bit of luck, this drug addicted, sad duo procured the winning lottery ticket. Connie used her lottery winnings to create Neobo: An absolute freedom, cash-free society that did not have laws against, drugs, murder, and many other crimes went unnoticed. Of course, Connie crowned herself queen of the new flagrant society she birthed into reality.

Absolute Freedom was the main goal for the royals and citizens of Neobo and this society survived on human flesh gathered from each citizen growing tails to feed the growing population. This aspect was a bit difficult to listen to—the graphic descriptions of the act of cannibalism made me feel quite ill. Neobo had an extensive team of scientists that created many horrific experiments that included the procedure for harvesting “human tails” for daily consumption purposes. Neobo science department had cloned dinosaurs and attempted experiments to clone Jesus Christ along with many other oddities.

The narrative voice of Author/Narrator Max Wannow exuded enthusiasm in each word he uttered while narrating this book. He also modified each character with a separate voice, accent, and vocal cadence. Max ensured that each character had his/her own memorable voice and intricate role in the world of Neobo.

Many characters that inhabited this story were fairly under-developed and their personal choices were not in congruence with the rest of the storyline and context. However, Bricked In is wildly entertaining and great to listen to for those who enjoy books that are off-the-beaten-path! Bricked In was one of my most memorable listening experiences of 2019.

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