Written by Joshua C. Chadd ⎮ Narrated by Graham Halstead


Author: Joshua C. Chadd
Narrator: Graham Halstead
Length: 4 hours 9 minutes
Series: The Brother's Creed, Book 1
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Released: Mar. 27, 2019
Genre: Science Fiction; Post-Apocalyptic

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Two brothers learn of the apocalypse after being out of touch for a few days. Returning to town, they learn first-hand, the dead are coming back to life with a taste for flesh. With their parents in Nebraska they must embark on a journey to rescue them as they set into motion their zombie apocalypse plan. But they'll see not all is fun and games as they realize it is nothing like they imagined it would be. Can they make it in time to save their parents from a fate worse than death?

Emmett Wolfe has been preparing for this day for years, but still cannot believe it is happening. An infection unlike any other has begun to spread across America and the world as he knows it is coming to an end. He must rescue his daughter and ex-wife and transport them to a safe location.

But nowhere is safe anymore....

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Susan's Review

4 Stars

Outbreak was a showcase of guns and prayer. Perhaps this book is more Christian fiction than Zombie fiction…. I enjoy one but not the other. James and Connor stop to pray at the oddest moments and often. I don’t mind their religion being part of their characters, but after the first prayer, I don’t need it spelled out each time.

There’s lots of action and guns in Outbreak, which was fun for me. The brothers are pretty one dimensional, not having too many emotions even as they lose one friend or family member after another. This allows the plot to move forward at a quick clip.

The ladies are romantic interests or comforters and die often. A couple of the ladies have even kept their purses…. which seemed so odd for the situation and because both ladies (Emmett’s daughter and their friend Ana) are capable ladies with handguns and rifles. The brothers at one point even say the girls (who are actually grown women) would totally slow them down. So there’s lots of room for improvement with the female characters.

The story starts on Day 1 of the apocalypse and there’s several characters that have been prepared for years for something serious to happen. I had no problem with that and even liked it because it let us jump right into the action without having to wait for our main characters to get over their freak out and pull it together. However, I was surprised at how quickly some towns got substantial walls up, complete with ramparts. I think the book ends on Day 4, so it seemed a little unrealistic for so many cities to be so well fortified.

Overall, I enjoyed Outbreak because it was quick paced and I didn’t have to think about it much. There’s plenty of room for improvement, but perhaps some of that happens as the series progresses. 3/5 stars.

Narration Review

Graham Halstead was a joy to listen to. Honestly, he made this book fun. His voice is so easy to listen to and he did great with all the characters. Even his female voices were realistic. The pacing was perfect and there were no tech issues with the recording. 5/5 stars.

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