Interviewing for Her Lover

La Petite Mort Club, Book 1

  • ■ Written by: Ellis O. Day
  • ■ Narrated by: Dahlia Lynde, Robert Hatchet
  • ■ Series: Six Weeks of Sin, Book 1
  • ■ Length: 1 hr and 46 mins

Enjoy the first of Nick and Sarah's six nights together. To listen to all six nights grab Six Nights of Sin.

This is book one in a six book series. The series ends with an HFN, but their HEA is in Six Weeks of Seduction.

Two strangers. Six nights exploring their deepest, darkest fantasies.

Whatever he wants, she’ll try.

Whatever she wants, he’ll submit.

Nick’s not looking for commitment. A few weeks with a woman and then he’s ready to move on. Sarah can’t get past the death of her fiancé but she’s lonely. She misses the feel of a man surrounding her, filling her.

A contract. Six nights of physical intimacy. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Simple. Uncomplicated. Fun.

See how they meet. Experience their first night together.

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