Ill Met by Moonlight

Written by Gretchen Rix ⎮ Narrated by Bill Oberst Jr.

Ill Met By Moonlight

Author: Gretchen Rix
Narrator: Bill Oberst Jr.
Length: 3 hours and 37 minutes
Publisher: Gretchen Rix
Released: Jul. 25, 2017
Genre: Horror

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Walking death, they're called.

And those horrible macadamia trees.

But their real names are Whig, Mary Jane, and Quetzalcoatl, just to name three of them.

Trees don't walk. But here they do. In Ill Met by Moonlight they walk, they kill, they eat people, and then they're....


Telling you more would spoil the fun.

Welcome to this horror collection about the walking macadamia nut trees of Hawaii. Believe it or not, you're going to laugh. A new addition to the humorous horror genre.


This audiobook was provided by its narrator, Gretchen Rix, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Gretchen!

Norma's Review

5 Stars

" Feed me. Feed me now. Now. NOW. Right NOW. "

Ill Met by Moonlight is a delightfully unexpected pleasure, a book of nine short stories with a continuity of theme: The macadamia trees of a small estate in Hawaii which had been transplanted to the other side of the island by a research company, up to and including their relocating to a new place, an island grouping suitable named No Mans Land. Every story is refreshingly different, from the (almost) conventional private eye investigation - the title story - through to the discovery of what a man's cat really thought about his owner. The reader will be introduced to murderous attacks, the quest for an homeland, the escape and transformation of a killer from jail and even a recipe for Brown Betty, a form of apple pie (although I am unable to verify how good this is as I have not yet cooked it, but if it was good enough to create an ambassador....).

These tales could be construed as horror stories were it not for the delicious naughtiness and humour each brings, as well as being well written. The first story instantly draws in the reader with three quirky characters, thrust briefly into focus and as quickly dispatched again, but cleverly glimpsed at different moments of time to bring them onto a collision course. Despite their brief presence, all three make a big impact. Readers will be delighted to find literary references peeping out of some chapters, too. Bill Oberst Jr., the narrator of this audiobook, creates his own impact with his excellent performance. He has a pleasant voice and reads with good humoured clarity, allowing the stories to flow seamlessly through him, his own character disappearing behind that of the beings in the book. Each protagonist is individually and appropriately voiced and the whole is a pleasure to hear.

Each chapter of Ill Met by Moonlight, after the initial dedication, is a separate story, so they are easy to find. The titles are:
1) I'll Met by Moonlight
2). Macedonians on the Move
3). The Curious Case of the Brown Betty
4) The Sitter Tree
5) All's well that Ends
6) Hunzel Monday
7). No Mans Land
8) Expiation
9) Taba Mori

The individual chapter titles also each have their own dedication, some to folks personal to the author, some more widely known, such as Steven King, Ray Bradbury, and Richard Branson. A daring move by this adventurous author: but she has successfully delivered the horror wrapped up in laughter and smiles. A pretty amazing achievement.

Ill Met by Moonlight is definitely recommended to ease away the tensions of everyday, mundane, life. I had thought this book might be fun but it surpassed my expectations!

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