Forsaken Crown

Homeworld Lost, Book 2

    • ■ Written by: J.N. Chaney, Scott Moon
    • ■ Narrated by: Neill Thorne
    • ■ Series: Homeworld Lost, Book 2
    • ■ Length: 11 hrs and 34 mins


Dive into the second book of the Homeworld Lost series by J. N Chaney and Scott Moon to find out.

Noah Gantz is tricked out, power-up, and a hell of a lot funnier now that he’s survived his first showdown with his archrival, rogue test pilot Colonel Tate Collins. None of that will be enough to save his new friends when things go from bad to worse.

Because in the Gavant Reach, things definitely will.

When Wozim, the Tyton battle lord who already saved his life more than once is crucially injured, Noah and the rest of the crew must find a lost planet, brave the terrors of the local wilderness, and find a cure for their friend's worsening wounds. All Noah must do to save the Woz-man and get out of there alive is allow a piece of ancient alien technology embed itself in his flesh. What could possibly go wrong?

Will his new abilities stop Collins and the Gavant’s new secret weapon? Can he afford to pay the price when it comes due?

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