Fatal Reaction: Survival

Written by M.A. Hollstein ⎮ Narrated by Tim Jackson

Fatal Reaction: Survival

Author: M.A. Hollstein
Narrator: Tim Jackson
Length: 5 hours and 3 minutes
Series: Fatal Reaction, Book 2
Publisher: M.A. Hollstein
Released: Nov. 27, 2018
Genre: Science Fiction

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In the sky, ships appear. Colossal alien spacecraft hover in different locations, strategically placed around the globe. With the virus having killed off most of humanity and the arrival of the extraterrestrial ships, how will the survivors defend themselves against this new, impending threat?

Join the survivors as they prepare to battle the unknown. What they're up against is much greater than anything they could ever imagine. Will humanity prevail?

This audiobook was provided by its narrator, Tim Jackson, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Tim!

Beverly's Review

4 Stars

Fatal Reaction: Survival picks up where the first book left off and I would not recommend reading this one without reading the first book, Fatal Reaction: The Beginning. That being said, I actually enjoyed this second book more. The characters seemed more developed and less horror/sci-fi campy than they did in the first book. But, I still had to cringe at some of their stupidity!

Ellie still hasn't learned not to check on dead bodies, Amanda is still mourning her good for nothing boyfriend, Jasper, and Max, Ellie's dog, nearly gets her killed several times. I could almost see the typical horror movie scenes in my head! And, of all the vehicles in the world, Sheriff Mike decides to drive a bright yellow Corvette! Way to have a large capacity for picking up supplies or blending in when running from the bad guys!

But, our intrepid group slowly grows in number, finding a few worthy survivors along the way. Of course, there are a group of villains called the Crusaders that are out to take over the world when humanity should be trying to figure out how to survive. There is also a likeable minor character that becomes infected and the description of his attempt to fight it added a different aspect to this book.

The premise of Fatal Reaction: Survival is unique and added a lot to the story. Without giving away details, there are aliens involved (maybe more than one group) and the virus might have been intended to save humanity instead of kill off all the humans. The two "scientists" introduced at the end of book one reappear, supposedly to try to figure out how to save the world. There are some developing romances, but no graphic sex. There is very little cursing and just enough description of violence and gore to give the reader the necessary thrills but not enough to be disturbing.

We all know that cigarettes can kill you and the death of one character because of her nicotine addiction was amusing to me. The author did a good job of moving the story along at a fast pace and adding in enough action to keep the reader interested.

Usually, only one character will be a bit of a mystery in story.  Here however, Finn is almost as much an enigma as Mary.  While you have more information about Finn because you know his thoughts and his actions, he still kept you guessing.  What I found really interesting about Finn's character were his moral and ethical boundaries given what he did for a living.

The narrator, Tim Jackson, does a great job and was perfect in his pacing and inflections. His performance added a lot to my enjoyment of this audiobook.

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