Author: Mark B. Frost, Andrew Bunny Narrator: William Turbett Length: 22 hours and 34 minutes Series: Daemon's Song, Book 1
Author: Don Jones Narrator: Kristina Fuller Yuen Length: 8 hours and 49 minutes Publisher: Don Jones Released: June 24, 2020
Author: Mark Caney Narrator: Mark Caney Length: 9 hours and 8 minutes Publisher: Ocean Orb Released: June 11, 2020 Genre:
Author: Tricia Copeland Narrator: Amy Deuchler Length: TBD Series: Kingdom Journals, Book 1 Publisher: Tricia Copeland Released: TBD Genre: Fantasy;
Author: Caryn Larrinaga Narrator: Ruby Hankey Length: 7 hours and 55 minutes Series: Solstice Survivors, Book 1 Publisher: Twisted Tree
Author: Susan Holt Narrator: Susan Holt Length: 4 hours and 42 minutes Publisher: Susan Holt Released: Dec. 14, 2018 Genre:
Haven Lost
Author: Josh de Lioncourt Narrator: Reay Kaplan Length: 16 hours and 26 minutes Series: The Dragon's Brood Cycle, Book 1
Author: Suzie Plakson Narrator: Suzie Plakson Length: 11 hours and 54 minutes Publisher: Pilmsthistle & Co. Released: Aug. 2, 2019
Author: Isobel Starling Narrator: Gary Furlong Length: 9 hours and 43 minutes Series: The Quiet Work, Book 1 Publisher: Decent
The Secret King: Lethao by Dawn Chapman Narrated by Greg Tremblay Greatshadow by James Maxey Narrated by Jake Urry Spoonbenders