Audiobook Empire is a new, but forceful presence on the audiobook production scene. The Empire's master puppeteer is Jess Herring, but you may know her as Jess the Audiobookworm. Jess has run Audiobookworm Promotions for nearly 5 years where she has gained a thorough understanding of the audiobook industry and its beloved community.

The Empire is her newest adventure. How far will it reach? Let's find out!

Audiobook Empire's ideal client is one who longs for a streamlined, simplified, and convenient production experience. DIY can be great, but who has time for that these days?

Audiobook Empire removes the hassle from the equation. We coordinate your production and oversee everything, while checking in with you periodically with updates. Our concierge service production style is the opposite of what you'll find at large, corporation-owned studios.

The Empire is open to all. We aren't genre-specific, although genre imprints may form in the future.

It varies according to the length of the title, the amount of prep work involved, and the number of narrators involved, as well as any other factors that make your project unique. We assure you that our rates are comparable to any other full-service production house of our caliber.

If you have a preferred budget in mind, simply let us know and we'll help you work within that range.

To get a more detailed estimate, contact Jess.

Absolutely! We have a wide variety of incredible performers in our Talent Legion. You can choose your narrator from there or use our casting services to have a few hand-picked options presented to you for final selection.

We can also open auditions up with a Legion-wide casting call, allowing interested performers within our Talent Legion to submit auditions for your project.

Sure! If you found a narrator you're interested in working with, but they aren't currently in our Talent Legion, just let us know and we'll contact them about joining your project.

Possibly. Detailed discussions regarding equipment and sound quality will need to take place before we accept a self-narrated project.

Dual narration and multi-cast projects are always fun and we'll be happy to produce them for you. However, you may want to consider how the addition of multiple narrators will impact your overall budget.

Audiobook Empire prefers to let dedicated sound engineers handle your post-production work for three reasons:

  1. They are specialists. We believe allowing sound engineers to do the post-production work on our titles results in higher quality audiobooks.
  2. It's more cost-effective. Overall, sound engineers do post-production work for less than a narrator would charge for the same work. This often allows you to work with narrators for a much lower rate than if they were narrating and providing the postproduction work themselves.
  3. It supports another area of the audiobook industry. Sound engineers are integral to the audiobook production process, yet their work is often overlooked. Some of them have even won awards for their contributions to particular titles!

You're more than welcome to prove the audiobook in addition to it being proved by a postproduction professional (but not in place of).

Likewise, you can suggest a particular post-production professional for your project, but they will be subject to Audiobook Empire's approval. We only work with the best!

However involved you'd like to be. Ideally, Audiobook Empire is a concierge service, providing convenience and quality assurance. Our job is to take the reins and provide you with a high quality audio book you can be proud of.

You can choose to handle your own distribution or have us do it for you. Please note that distribution is included as part of our full-service production package.

We can discuss your distribution options, such as being exclusive to Audible or "going wide" to an array of retailers. Either way, Audiobook Empire can guide you through the process or handle it entirely on your behalf.

Audiobook Empire does not take any amount of your royalties. We operate on a flat rate production fee.

The amount of royalties you keep depends on the deals negotiated with your narrator, distributor, and retailers.

Promotional support will always be part of the deal at Audiobook Empire. With or without review codes (but hopefully with), blogger outreach and social media campaigns can happen. When review codes are available, blogger outreach becomes blogger + reviewer outreach. With Jess's promotional contacts, a virtual army can be raised to support the Empire, its Talent Legion, and its titles.

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