The Flight of the Kingfisher

Carbon Chronicles #1

    • ■ Written by: Chloe Garner
    • ■ Narrated by: Wesley Scott
    • ■ Series: Carbon Chronicles, Book 1
    • ■ Length: 12 hrs and 8 mins

Smuggling is supposed to be the kind of job where you're in, you're out, and no one ever knew you were there.

Simple. Boring, even.

But that's only when you're doing it right.

Unfortunately, Avery and the rest of the crew of the Kingfisher have hit a snag, one in the form of a strange woman living in a hallway ceiling at Installation 23, and from there on out, it seems like they're ever only one jump ahead of the next guy looking to kill them. Increasingly enmeshed in complex politics and missing their blissful ignorance, the crew of the Kingfisher are going to have to make some hard decisions about what role they really want to play in galactic events, and just how far from their mundane world of weapons smuggling they're willing to venture.

Climb aboard. The flight of the Kingfisher is about to begin.

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