An Orc at College

Written by Liam Lawson ⎮ Narrated by Veronica Heart

An Orc at College

Author: Liam Lawson
Narrator: Veronica Heart
Length: 4 hours 19 minutes
Series: An Orc at College, Book 1
Publisher: Liam Lawson
Released: May 23, 2019
Genre: Paranormal

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Magic and Mayhem? Check.

Smoking Hot College Girls? Check.

Enchanted Sunglasses that turn your life into a Dating Sim? Check.

Trorm Coldstorm is a foreign exchange student come to study magic at the arcane academy. Thing is, he's an orc.

Trorm finds himself facing a slew of stereotypes and misconceptions about who, and what, he is. Everyone he meets expects him to be a dumb savage who's just there to play football. But Trorm is not dumb. He's a skilled wizard in his own right, and when he finds himself embroiled in a dark plot by sinister cultists, he'll show everyone just how intelligent and savage he truly is.

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Susan's Review

4.25 Stars

Trorm is a fun character to follow around. This story was full of humor and was a fun silly tale to listen to. I really want a pair of Trorm sunglasses! I must steal them! They have a special little enchantment that gives him a readout on the inside for his eyes only; the glasses can read facial expressions and body language so the readout tells Trorm what their emotions are, gender, and their interest level in him.

So there’s plenty of typical college life aspects to the story. Trorm is the only orc, and a foreign exchange student, who’s living at a family house nearby. Abigail and her sister do their best to keep Trorm out of trouble, but trouble seems to follow him. Toss in the frat boys (let by Arlan) plus the challenge of stealing a paperweight, and Trorm is digging his own hole.

Winnie, a bunny girl shifter, is a silly character. I first found her a little annoying but later on she kicks some serious teeth in and I loved that about her. In the end, I wanted to hangout with her.

As for the harem aspect of the story (as the full title implies), there wasn’t a harem. More than one lady is interested in Trorm, but he ends up in bed with just 1 lady. That lady doesn’t mind sharing, so perhaps the harem aspect will show up in Book 2. The sex scenes are decently written even if they are a little cliched when it comes to orc sex.

Overall, it was fun, cute, a little ridiculous. I enjoyed it. 4/5 stars.

Narration Review

Veronica Heart was fun to listen to. I think she enjoyed narrating this tale and that showed. She has distinct voices for all the characters and decent male voices. She does have an interesting or slightly odd accent that comes through for all her characters. It does mellow out pretty quickly. She handled the sex scenes quite well. There were no tech issues with the recording. 4.5/5 stars.

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