A Ripple of Power and Promise

Power and Promise, Book 1

  • ■ Written by: Jordan A Day
  • ■ Narrated by: Nikki Grey, James Cavenaugh
  • ■ Series: Power and Promise Series, Book 1
  • ■ Length: 18 hrs and 31 mins

Freedom. Choice. That's all Ainsley yearned for in life. But when she learns her parents betrothed her to Prince Dashiell, she knows those are two things she will never attain. When Ainsley is sent to live in the Palace of Caelum, she is made painfully aware that she is out of her depth and forced to navigate this new world utterly alone.

She quickly realizes that her sharp tongue, quick wit, and stubbornness will only get her so far. As she struggles with her hatred towards the Prince, his cocky best friend, and their constant refusal to leave her alone, she unwittingly discovers that there may be more to them than she originally imagined.

The two decide to take Ainsley under their wing, showing her the magic within their world and giving her the friendship and love she's always desired. However, dangerous circumstances begin to unfold around them, putting their lives at risk and uncovering dark secrets lurking beneath the surface.

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