A Cyberpunk Saga

Box Set #1-3

  • ■ Written by: Matthew A. Goodwin
  • ■ Narrated by: Zachary Johnson
  • ■ Series: A Cyberpunk Saga, Books 1-3
  • ■ Length: 18 hrs and 55 mins


He has discovered their terrible secret, but can he take down the world’s largest mega-corporation before it’s too late?

Orphaned and alone, Moss is happy to have found a place in the world. But his humdrum working routines take a terrifying turn when a mysterious woman breaks into his apartment and hands him a data chip from his dead parents. Suddenly hearing messages revealing his benevolent employer has a far darker side, he braves the dangerous megacity streets in search of the truth.

Surrounded by outcasts and criminals and running on instinct, Moss stumbles onto a rebel group intent on exposing their corrupt oppressors. And though he fears for his life when his old boss has put a price on his head, the naïve man believes the key to taking down the enemy may lie inside the high-tech device…and his own cerebral cortex.

Will Moss’ attempt to fight the power cause him to terminally short circuit?

Now in one place, get the first three books of the international best-selling series A Cyberpunk Saga. If you like everyman heroes, realistic characters, futuristic tech, and immersive dystopian worlds, then you’ll love Matthew A. Goodwin’s mind-expanding epic.

This epic box set contains the first three books of the best-selling science-fiction series with bonus content.

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