Corroded Cells

A Cyberpunk Saga #2

  • ■ Written by: Matthew A. Goodwin
  • ■ Narrated by: Zachary Johnson
  • ■ Series: A Cyberpunk Saga, Book 2
  • ■ Length: 5 hrs and 44 mins


What happens when you hit one of the world’s largest companies?

They hit back.


Moss and the crew are reveling in their recent success when a cryptic message changes everything. Moss enters a virtual realm to recover the message before returning to the real world to find everything has changed. With his friends in peril, he undertakes a rescue mission outside the relative safety of the city.

Life beyond the walls is dangerous. Threats face him at every turn as he makes his way to an impregnable prison city where the citizens are as threatening as the guards.

Can Moss recover the information he needs and escape before being found out?

Find out in Corroded Cells: A Cyberpunk Saga (Book 2).

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